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The technology encourages construction workers to maintain social distancing. It also provides detailed contact data which can help construction companies reduce the impact of an outbreak.

Covid-19 does not stop at the construction industry either and has already reduced construction production many times over.

Without effective methods of social distancing on construction sites, construction companies will be forced to close or operate at reduced capacity, which can lead to construction delays and lost revenue.

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Covid-19 mostly spreads through short distance. Let's make sure workers don't come too close to each other and that spreading doesn't happen. With our TeamTAG mounted on every workers helmet we build a 360 degree 3D protection zone around every worker. If someone enters this zone, no matter if  above, beneath or next to another worker, both get a haptic and visual feedback through PLINX, reminding too keep the distance.

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Highly accurate data lets you better manage COVID-19 exposure. Our simple and intelligent system can monitor contact frequency, duration, location and tracing. The databases integrate external access control or data management systems, and don’t use any personal data.
Our system enables:
Daily/weekly/monthly analysis
User and user-group analysis
Heat mapping and hotspots
Agile platform customisations
Also included:
Real Time / Historical / Event data
Organisation, Site and individual dashboards
Collision tracing solution
API / Webhook integration tools
Opportunity to connect 4D Bim & HSE
Integrations (Saftibase)






A single helmet-mounted sensor providing marketleading 360-degree protection. With audible, visual and haptic feedback designed for construction environments, the TeamTAG can highly reduce workers proximity to co-workers and hazards.


Key features mesafox PLINX TeamTAG:
High Accuracy location & proximity (30cm)  360 degree protection 
Patented zoning technology  Omni-directional hazard detection 
Managed charging & Software  Low power 
Small and lightweight (60 x 30mm / 65g)  Long battery life (8-10 hrs)
Time-out  Disconnection Alarm 


Reduce risks now!



PLINX TAGS connect to our robust private local network, giving you connectivity across your site. You can setup a simple network in minutes, providing connectivity of up to three miles from a single point.

Local Area Network:
Setup in minutes
Dynamic, long range (3 miles*)
Expandable over longer distances
Deployable in buildings & tunnels
Deployable from vehicle
Where traditional networks don’t go
Low power


Our TeamTAG Sets contain 25, 50 or 75 TeamTAGS.

Managed Charging
Expandable network
Device allocation system
12 month data plan
Proximity brackets
Power cables
Signage & Quickstart

External antenna
Pole and stand options
Wall mounting bracket
Spare helmet adaptors
mesafox PLINX Repeat
mesafox PLINX Connect




As technology develops so mesafox PLINX does. With PLINX you'll get an updateable device. When we are launching new functions, you are able to purchase an update for your devices.

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